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Vijay Mallaya Free till 2 April, Gets Bail


Fugitive and most wanted Liquor Baron, Owner of Kingfisher Airlines (Now shut down)
Vijay Mallaya get huge relief from London court, he granted bail by 2 April in money laundering and extradition case. He can move free in London by 2 April, this is not the first time Mallaya got relief from the London court ,he was arrested in London in October 2017 also. He was arrested in London over a money laundering case later released on bail. Vijay Mallaya is facing extradition trial in the London court since 2016 for financial irregularities involving a total amount of Rs 9,000 crore as well as money laundering .He is wanted in India for the last 3 years, for the fear of arrest he fled india in 2016 and leaving in exile in UK .Now the court extended the bail till 2 April all eyes are on Indian government’s move what kind of action government takes against this fugitive business man. Will indian Government will challenge against this bail ????


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