Vipul Ambani arrested by CBI in PNB Fraud ,Ambani and Modi connection on radar!


The biggest banking scam of rupees 11,400 crore which rocked the entire nation, in this connection CBI arrested most high profile person Vipul Ambani , president (Finance) of Fire star International and 4 other executives of Nirav Modi’s and Geetanjli Group. Arjun Patil, a senior executives in Fire star ,Niten Shalni, Manager Geetanjli, Kavita Mankikar, Kapil Khandelwal, chief financial officer of ‘Nakshtra’ and Geetanjli Group were among those arrested by CBI on Wednesday. But in this arrest case most highlight person is Vipul Ambani, is the son of Nathubai Ambani the youngest brother of Dhirubhai Ambani, according to the official sources Vipul who handled Fire star’s financial operations ,was in the know of things. Cbi has so far arrested 11 persons including six PNB employees in this PNB fraud scam.
Some pictures of Ambani Family and Nirav Modi’s are viral on social media  since when the scam exposed which indicating Ambani connection with this fraud and trying to show how Ambani family was closed to Nirav Modi the recent arrest of Vipul Ambani sparked controversy this news on social media


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