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Wakf land fraud AVP Chief Shamsher Pathan demands CBI Inquiry.


By Aleem Shaikh

“Wakf Bachao Federation” Nasik is honestly working for years to save Wakf land which is sold illegally by the trustees. This federation is working jointly with Adv. Dilawar Pathan, Adv Fazal Sayed, Arifali Saiyad, and team. I am an advisor to this federation. Recently Federation found that 27 Acres land in prime location of College road valued Rs 1000 crore approximately sold by Jama Masjid trust Nasik in 1999. Charity commission was misguided and permission was obtained to sell the property. But Nasik’s Eminent Lawyer MTQ Sayed filed a petition in Nasik court by making his brother Adv Ansar Sayed as one of the petitioners and brought stay order on Sell of wakf land. In this case, one of Cheat builder Khalil Patel is an opponent who is land grabber and helped purchaser of land to purchase land at a cheap rate by forming a dubious syndicate for auction.

Attached are the documents court. People thought that Adv MTQ Sayed and his brother are honest persons and want to save Wakf land. But within one month Adv MTQ Sayed withdrawn his petition after an underhand deal with trust and land purchaser. Those documents of withdrawal of case are also attached. In the year 1999, after withdrawal of the petition, Adv MTQ Sayed purchased 10-acre land in Wadala out of a deal. Though that time financial position of Adv MTQ Sayed was weak.

Work Bachao Federation started working to dig out the cases in which wakf lands were sold illegally. They collected huge documents and one of those documents are attached. Wakf Bachao Federation started working against land grabbers but some persons in wakf board were supporting these criminal elements by not retaining 27 Acres land valued at Rs 1000 crores. hence Wakf Bachao Federation approached central Wakf board and ultimately got the order to cancel all deals pertaining to this illegal sale of 27 Acres in 1999 and ordered to make Wakf board as the owner of the property. Cheating cases will be registered later on concerned people. Surprisingly Adv MTQ Sayed and his brother Adv Ansar Sayed called Khalil Patel as a land grabber, are now both MTQ Sayed and Khalil Patel are a trustee in Aisha Masjid Nasik. How can land grabber be a trustee? Most shockingly These people are supported by Tehreek e Aukaf lead by Shabbir Ansari and Moin Miya. We will post photographs of Wakf land grabber with Shabbir Ansari and Moin Miya. I will request Moin Miya to resign Tehreek e Aukaf as Shabbir Ansari misusing face of Moin Miya to support Wakf land grabber. Moin Miya is a religious person and should keep himself away from these cheats and land grabbers. By this way “Wakf Bachao Federation” is working to save wakf property. In next part, I will show how other properties are being sold in Nasik and how it is saved.


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