Waqf Board issues showcause Notice against Zakaria Masjid and Neena Realtors relating to Bazarwala Building NOC

    Picture of Project site Bazarwala Building.

    Yet another case of forgery scam has come to light on Zakaria Masjid Trust.
    Maharashtra Waqf Board has, therefore issued a Show Cause notice to the Trustee of Zakaria Masjid and Nina Realtors Pvt Trust Property known as Bazarwala Building located at Zakaria Masjid Street in South Mumbai.

    Reportedly, a Showcause Notice no 5037 sent to the Trustee on 28th December 2020 by Maharashtra Waqf Board crystal clearly mentioned that Waqf Board has not issued any kind of NOC to anyone in the matter pertaining to the Bazarwala Building Redevelopment issue.

    The Show Cause Notice issued by Waqf Board specifically mentions and warns all Trustees that as
    In accordance to Waqf Act 1995, it is an absolute violation of section 51/56.
    As per this act and section, Waqf Board has decided to take legal action against the present Trustee of Zakaria Masjid and Nina Realtors Pvt Ltd.,

    In the preliminary investigation, the Waqf Board has found Zakaria Masjid Trustee and Nina Realtors guilty in an illegal deal of Waqf Property on the basis of fake NOC.. Waqf Board has also initiated to proceed legally against all those involved in this scam.

    According to the Showcause Notice, Waqf Board can take legal action against all under section 408,1995 Act 65 and take into possession the said Waqf Property.

    Name of the persons who received Show Cause Notice issued by Waqf Board are:
    1 : Imran Shaikh Yusuf
    2 : Mubarak N.Noorani.
    3 : Abdul Aziz Mandiwala.
    4 : Muhammad Irsha Siddiqui.
    5 :Anjum Yaqub Mandiwala
    6 :Asif Aslam Nirban ,CMD
    Nina Realators.
    7 : Saleem Yaseen Nirman
    8 : MCGM
    9 : MBRR MHADA
    10 Building Proposal, Wadala .

    In the Show Cause Notice, the Maharashtra Waqf Board has also asked MHADA Repair Board,  BMC, Building Proposal Department to conduct fair and independent inquiry and submit the report at the earliest possible.

    Meanwhile, Waqf Board Trust has also instructed and asked Zakaria Masjid Trustee on what grounds they sold this big Waqf Property to Nina Realtors. Well, it’s a known fact that the Waqf Property cannot be sold out.

    When Hello Mumbai News contacted Asif Nirban of M/s Nina Realtors and tried for his quote on his view on this, while he listened to our question, he cut off our phone without giving any specific answer.

    Whereas Amin Chataiwala ,Social Activist and Community leader of Cutchi Memon Jamat , while speaking to Hello Mumbai News said, How could a Trustee deal with a Developer and part with this Bazarwala Building property which solely rests with Waqf Property. And as per Waqf Norms, no one can sell out Waqf Property.

    Further Amin Chataiwala says “My Question is very simple. If Waqf Board would have parted with the NOC for sake of Re-development of this Property why Waqf Board issued Show cause Notice against Zakaria Masjid Trust and M/S Nina Realtors MD Asif Nirban?
    Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere in this case.

    Mr Amin Chataiwala further says, Waqf Property can be repaired but certainly ,cant be sold out or redeveloped. However, in this case Trustee of Zakaria Masjid sold out the property to the developer.My request to All higher authorities to look into the matter and take legal action against the culprit. This is just a matter of cheating , forgery and criminal conspiracy.
    I also appeal to MCGM and Mhada Repair Board to issue “Stop work” Notice .

    Brief Details of Bazarwala Building Redevelopment Project :
    Bazarwala Building , 84-88 ,Consisting of ground plus four upper floors Bhavnagar Mohalla, Zakaria Masjid street ,Mumbai 400009,bearing Cadastral Survey No 1398 of Mandvi Division admeasuring 334, 45 sq meters and assessed by BMC “B” Ward No 2726,street No 84-88.
    Total No of Tenants : 58.
    Agreement Between Zakaria Masjid Trust and M/S Nina Realtors pvt Ltd.As per Agreement Copy Clause No 2, The Developer M/S Nina Realtors Pvt Ltd ,Mumbai shall pay Rs 1.25 Crore (rupees one Crore twenty five laks only) as Corpus fund plus 7 Flats /units each admeasuring 300 sq ft.Carpet area to the Trust against assignment and redevelopment of trust property.
    Zakaria Masjid Trust passed this resolution on 10.06.2011.and finalised  this agreement.

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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