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Weekly Prediction Horoscope by Astrologer Subrata Banerjee

Weekly Prediction Horoscope by Astrologer Subrata Banerjee
Astrologer Subrata Banerjee.

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for February 14-20.

Aries :

Mental instability and expenditure on physical health. Delay in new opportunities in the workplace. Opportunity to travel far. Good for students. The first two days of the week in stock trading are uncertain but long term gains. Improving the health of the father and the sudden gain of the house car. Marriage communication.

Taurus :

The need for restraint of speech, the possibility of unnecessary conflicts with brothers and neighbors. Possibility of any throat and urinary tract disease. Guest gathering at home. Anxiety about the mother’s body may increase. Progress in sale of land and houses. Holidays at work, religious environment added to travel.

Gemini : Not particularly auspicious. Unrest in the field of action Anxiety about hostility. Good news for love and new marriage. Loss of father’s health. Entertainment, especially for those involved in the dance industry. Good for gold traders. Health and financial loss in entertainment, foreign affairs and defamation. It is better to stay away from the stock market.

Cancer :

Good week  Addition of new work and travel on the occasion of work. Quick solution to problems in family and married life at the beginning of the week. Anxiety about physical problems, fatherly person and child can be embarrassing. Investing and trading in mineral and liquid stocks can be profitable. Delay in getting the money due.

Lion :

Good luck. Change and success in the workplace. Communication and benefits with established persons and government officials. Adding Divorce and Unmarried Marriage. Probability of problems related to abdominal and blood pressure and leg injuries. Benefit from mother’s side. The possibility of losses in the stock market.

Virgo :

Make money this week. Good news about health may come. Monomalinya with younger siblings and neighbors. Possibility of problems related to the child’s body. Government job opportunities. Women’s physical problems may increase. Good luck and respect for poets and writers. Good for students. Legal complications may arise.

Libra :

The first mental growth of the week. Contingency income. Travel on occasion. Good news about housing. Increased respect by the child. Possibility of unrest in the workplace at the end of the week. Happy love and conjugal life. Profits in the stock market, especially in government and banks.

Scorpio :

Mental depression. Economic gain. Arguing with siblings and neighbors. Worry about the child’s body. Increased hostility. Possibility of E, N, T and urinary tract diseases. Profit from home and profit from government. Guest arrival at home.

Sagittarius :

Good, improve body and health. Profit in trading business. Expenses for friends and siblings. Anxiety and unrest related to mother’s health and home. Benefit from being home. Add to marriage the possibility of eye and head related diseases. Opportunity to travel far for education. Increased hostility.

Capricorn :

Increased laziness at the beginning of the week. Unrest at work and travel on the occasion of work. Profit in the pharmaceutical business. Possibility of legal complications related to property. Physical problems of children and fathers. Need restraint of speech or unnecessary conflict. Cold sores and leg injuries. Money in the end.

Aquarius :

Good luck in government. Deterioration of body health and love. Receipt of arrears. Problems with injuries to the hands and feet. Possibility of maternal health. Profit in hotel, gold, food business. Legal gain. Good luck in share business. Add to the distance travel.

Pisces :

Defamation and loss of money early in the week. Adding new work. Very good for students and entertainment artists. Spending money for mom and home. Sometimes creating complications in the workplace and social respect. Possibility of bone and genital disease. Speculation gains in the stock market. Opportunity to travel abroad.

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