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Why Dharavi Asia’s largest Slum is hailed famous, know here

Why Dharavi Asia’s largest Slum is hailed famous, know here
Dharavi Covid 19 Pictures.
Dharavi becomes den of Drug Mafia.

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The very definition of Dharavi spells significance. Hailed as the largest Slum of South Asia is infested with a dense population and boasts of a hub of Garment Manufacturers. It is blended with a diverse culture and the inhabitants are Hindus , Muslims, Majority are South Indians who all live together.

Notably in 1980 it was recognised as a home to the dubious Underworld Don Vardha Rajan Mudliyaar.

It was Varda who opeated his gang from here . It is also known as an haven of drug peddlers and criminals. Infact Dharavi is a prospective Network for police informer.

Dharavi also boasts of single room factories, terracotta potters, plastic recyclers, metalsmiths, embroidery workers, leather tanners, and even the papad-drying business, all account for Dharavi’s massive annual turnover.
Products made in Dharavi are not just distributed all over the country, but even exported to markets abroad such as the United States and the UAE. In fact, the “small-business” culture that exists around the globe today prevailed in Dharavi much before it became popular.

Today, a number of these businesses operate out of Dharavi through online ventures.

Dharavi is a home to various thriving businesses belonging to people of varied background.
Dharavi is a place of hope..

Notably, Dharavi is tagged as ‘Asia’s largest slum’, and made up of 17 localities, each one named after either the profession of its resident community or their state.

All said at the time of the outbreak of Coronavirus it was the determination of the inhabitants and the tireless efforts of health workers and NGo’s that helped Dharavi emerge as an exemplar the battle against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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