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Why Kangana Ranaut behave like a politician, instead of Bollywood Actress

Why Kangana Ranaut behave like a politician, instead of Bollywood Actress

Kangana Ranaut now becomes the most controversial actress in Bollywood, even its hardly a single day these days when we can’t she or any of her act trending on social media.

Kangana Ranaut or we can say the controversial queen of Bollywood is the most trending actress these days. She is now continuing into the news especially since the last few months, to be precise in supporting to current central government and their acts. Even if you are reading this then you already knew that,  Now the big question ‘Why?’, Why Kangana is now behaving like a politician, like tweeting on the political issues, share her opinion on every activity related to different political parties.

Why Kangana Ranaut behave like a politician

We all know that most of the Bollywood Celebrities want to be politicians after their journey as actors or actresses got over, we have seen many celebrities Bollywood celebrities who turned into politicians some of them succeed, or some of them were failed. Rekha, Jaya Bachchan, Jay Lalita, Shatrughan Sinha, Raj Babbar, Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Kirron Kher, Jaya Prada, Govinda. Now the Kangana seems to be entered into Politics, at least her recent acts hinted the same to us. Even now is trying to politicize all activities politics, like her recent tweet on 24 March where Kangana blames the famous web series Mirzapur for murder.  Our central government is also supporting Kangana on this, recently Kangana Ranaut for Y Plus security, when she showed her fear of getting harm by Shiv Sena. She got the approval on Y-Plus security so easily. You know not everyone gets the Y-Plus security, and it shows that government is in full support of Kangana. Don’t be amazed if in the next few years we see Kangana Ranaut stand on election from any constituency or may be appointed as Rajya Sabha MP or governor of any state in India.

One thing that seems here is very strange, all other celebrities tried to enter politics when their Bollywood career went to end and they were looking for another source of income. However, in Kangana’s case, she was doing into the Bollywood and she also has good years in the future to sustain herself in the Industry. Well, we can’t commit to her priories in her life, in coming years we will definitely see how her political career will be. Whether she will succeed in it or get failed like others. Well, what’s your view on this tell us in the comment section.


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