WMO Global youth Wing Middle East Chapter Launched , Grand Function held in Dubai


    in above  picture we can see congress leader Mudassar patel Attended Launching of WMO Global Youth Wing Middle East chapter  in Dubai .

    Friday night  was  very  special and  unforgettable  for the  Memon  community  all  over the  world  , because  on  this  day  World Memon  Organisation  (WMO ) launched it Middle East  chapter of  Global  Youth  wing  and  this  grand  function  was  attended by  eminent  personilities  and International  community  leader  like  Suhail  Khandwani, Haji Ehsan Amin Gadawala , Ashraf Sattar and others .From  Mumbai Congress  leader  Mudasaar  patel  also  became the  part of  this  great  occasion.speaking  with  ‘Hello Mumbai  ‘ from  Dubai Mudasaar  patel  said, ” it was a  great  opportunity for  me  I met  all  international  community  leader of  Memon  community, good crowd  and intellectual  gathering  , we have  also  discussed the  social  and economic  problems  of the  community  , the  function  was  well  organised “, . This  middle East  chapter  will  play  very  important  role  for the  memon  community  who  residing here  added Mudasaar  patel.

    The  function  was  organised by Bashir  Sattar and it was  attended by Haroon  Kareem , shahid  sang ani, Munvar Bilal and  many more from  india and  across the  world.



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