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World Memon organisation North India Chapter Mulakaat 2021

World Memon organisation North India Chapter Mulakaat 2021

10th January 2021, Mumbai.

World Memon Organisation North India Chapter, one of the leading NGO’s of India hosted Mulakaat 2021 at Haj House Mumbai which was met with tremendous success. The event started with city chairman’s meeting and it focused on education, construction of schools and housing colonies. *Newly appointed City Chairmans’s introduced themselves and the already on duty City Chairman’s gave a brief description of the work done by them till date.* The Youth wing meeting post Lunch was started with *Mr Ehsan Gadawala’s* address and summary of the work done by the WMO NIC until now in various fields and way ahead for the community. *Ex WMO NIC VP Mr. Latif Hakam, Mr. Majid Ranani and Mr. Hamid Nathani* were felicitated. *WMO Deputy Secretary General Mr Zubair Chasmawala and Treasurer Mr Suhail Khandwani* were felicitated for their inclusion in the International Team. *WMO Board of trustees chairman, Mr. Ashraf Sattar, Secretary General, Mr. Bashir Sattar and other notable leaders like Mr Haroon Karim* interacted with the audiences live from their respective countries.

An inspirational video to promote entrepreneurship in Memon Youth was launched by Mr. Majid Memon (Ex- Member of Parliament)  and the promo of Memon Community’s first non-fiction show, We the Memon  was launched by Memon icon, Dr. Nasir Fulara.Mr Vasim Kapadia then took the stage to present his concept of making the Youth a leader by making a Rapid Action Leadership Team in every town of India. Various projects like *Project Genesis, Memon Startup Fund, Memon Investment Forum, Halal Risq, Magazine for Memon Youth* were launched with the Idea of becoming an empowered community. Mrs Masheela Navivala welcomed the ladies and shared her plans to empower and educate the girls and ladies in the community and make them an integral part of the vision that WMO NIC holds. Mrs Raziya Chashmawala explained briefly about the work done by the Ladies wing and applauded the special efforts taken by them during the pandemic. This Meeting was just the Glimpse of the Grand plans that lies ahead for WMO INDIA. This event was successfully managed by the RMC Team, GYW NIC Leadership, Azeem Gaziani, Salim Bandukia and Junaid Roghatiya.


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