Home Central Worli police recover 50,34,253 lac worth Gold Ornaments & Activa amid Nakabandi notorious Robber Aftaab Qasim Khan arrested

Worli police recover 50,34,253 lac worth Gold Ornaments & Activa amid Nakabandi notorious Robber Aftaab Qasim Khan arrested

Worli police recover 50,34,253  lac worth Gold Ornaments & Activa amid Nakabandi notorious Robber Aftaab Qasim Khan arrested

Hello Mumbai City Desk:

DCP Akbar Pathan along with Worli police team Sr PI Anil Kolhi and Mahindra Dorkar Addressing the press conference.

Naka bandi is very important tool for police to maintain law and order and to control the crime and to chase hardcore criminal. No doubt in this.
Specially in City like Mumbai, during Naka Bandi police crackdown so many big cases related to underworld and Terrorism. Even 26/11 Mumbai terror attacker also gundown by Mumbai police during the Nakabandi of Mumbai police.

A fresh case of this Nakabandi in Worli proved excellent and Worli police accomplished great success
The credit goes to Police Inspector Mahindra Dorkar and his team who arrested a notorious Thief Aftaab Qasim Khan and seized more than 50 lacs Stolen Gold and Cash in his possession.

For the great sucess DCP Akbar Pathan organised a press conference on Saturday and interacted with the media personnel.

Amid his brief to the press members at the press conference, Akbar Pathan explained the entire operation.

On 9 February Worli police imposed a Naka Bandi at Jija Mata Nagar Junction and amid this Naka Bandi, eyes of Police Inspector Mahindra Dorkar focused on a suspected Activa Motor Cycle which did not have number plate and the person was not wearing Helmet.When asked to stop, he tried to flee the spot.

However, Mahindra Dorkar and his team gave a wild chase and nabbed and detained him.

After having brought him to the Worli Police Station, police asked him to produce relevant documents related to the bike and upon not getting satisfactory answers, Police inspected his Motor Cycle Deeki which surprised all and sundry when police found Dozens of Gold  Ornaments and Cash hidden in the bike Deeki.

Subsequently, Police Inspector Mahindra Dorkar interrogated him and he confessed the crime.

Akbar Pathan further shared the details about the accused, Aftaab Qasim Khan, alias Mohsin Imran Sayyed 22 years old a part of International Chain snatcher and Robbers. At present he leaves in Surat but origin of Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. As per the police there are various serious offences against him in Bharuch City,Baroda and Ahmedabad under section 380.
Police team also got access to the stolen mobile and Activa and a missing complaint was registered at Azad Nagar police station Malegaon. Sim card registration was from Ajmer.

Reportedly, the Police also recovered Rs.50,43,253 worth Gold,  and Cash from him. He has been booked under section 370 and 124 Maharashtra Police Act and got police custody for further investigation.

DCP Akbar Pathan(Zone 3) showered praises on Police Inspector Mahindra Dorkar and his team police constable patne,Padtre and Gawli for his commendable work.The team was guided by ACP Shrinivas Panale and senior police inspector of Worli Police Station Anil Kolhi.


Pic of Activa seized by police during Naka Bandi.

Gold recovered details:

1: Gold Mangal Sutra: Quantity 10, weight 155 Gm, Value:8,’19,630
2:Gold Necklace Quantity 4, Weight 18.4 GM Value 5,70,720
3: Gold Chain 10 weight 90Gm Value 4,59,630
4:Gold Braslet 4 , weight 53.2Gm value 3,08,560
5: Gold Female Bangles 4, weight 94,04 Gm Value 3,0857
6:Gold ladies Bangal 6 Weight 78.7 value 2,73000
7: Gold Ring 14, weight 46.1Gm value 3,87,440
8:Gold Earings weight 95,6Gm Value 5,71828
9: ladies Tikka 2 weight 8,500Gm Value 5,79,828
9: Gold pandit 5, weight 23,900Gm value 49,300
10: Gold Bangal 4 97,06 Gm Value 2,49,400
11: Gold Taar weight 5200 value 30,160
12 :Gold Nath weigh 0..800gm value 4,640
13.Gold Nath 12gm Value 6,960
14:Gold Nath value 6,960
15:Rado watch’Value 50000.
16:PenDriv 4 Value 2500
17: Activa Honda Company Value 50,000
18: Cash:7,46,430

Brief Introduction on Mahendra Dorkar:
He is a dynamic police officer in Mumbai police with vast experience in detection and with good network.

He has worked in Crime Branch Unit. Senior Cops repose trust in him for his straight forward nature and style of work.

He has helmed several big cases and cracking down of fraud, Robbery and busting of interstate gang.


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