Yogi Adityanath takes oath as UP CM , PM attends Sworn Ceremony at Lucknow


    By Aleem Shaikh :

    Famous for his controversial statements and saffron hardliner became the first choice for PM Modi and Party president Amit Shah for the CM post of the nation’s largely populated state Uttar Pradesh .on Sunday Yogi Adityanath took oath as the CM of Uttar Pradesh. The sworn ceremony was attended by PM Modi BJP president Amit Shah and top party leaders. 11 Cms across the nation were also present at function.
    Adityanath is not a new face of the Indian politics he has been five time MP from Gorakhpur and most senior leader in the party interestingly he belongs to another right wing organisation VHP and famous for his hate speeches. He played very important role in the Assembly election campaign after PM Modi and Amit Shah specially in Western UP.

    List of the Ministers


    1: Sangeeta Balwant
    2: Suresh Paashi
    3: Gulabo Devi
    4: Anupama Jaiswal
    5: Jaiprakash Nishad
    6: Neelkanth Tiwari
    7 : Suresh Raana
    8 : Mahendra Singh
    9 :Archana Pandey
    10:Girish Yadav
    11: Upendra Tiwari
    12: Dharma singh Saini
    13: Mohsin Raza
    14: Satvendar Dev singh
    15: Baldev Olakh
    16: Aneel Raajbar
    17: Jaikumar singh
    18: Swati Singh
    19 ; Gaynandar Singh
    20: Mann Kori

    21 Sandeep Singh
    22: Ravendar pratap Singh
    23: bhupendra Singh choudhary
    24: Rita Bahuguna
    25 : Dinesh Sharma
    26 : KP Maurya.

    This is the first time in the history UP got two deputy CM Kp Maurya and Dinesh sharma.






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