Youth Congress leader Rakesh Shetty appointed, Jt Secretary All India congress Seva Dal


    Youth Leader Rakesh Shetty has been appointed – Joint secretary of all india congress sevadal


    Seeing the fall of the party’s base, Rahul Gandhi is connecting the youth with the party in order to the upcoming Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections for the party. On his oppointment, young Rakesh Shetty, from Mumbai, expressed his gratitude towards Congress President Rahul Gandhi & Chief Organiser, All India Congress Seva Dal Shri Lalji desai
    Rakesh Shetty says he has been doing selfless work for the party for the last 10 years. Looking at my work, Rahul Gandhiji gave him this responsibility.He further said that he will try his best to prove that I can stand true to his faith.

    Rakesh Shetty often takes part in many social work, which is why the party gave him many important responsibilities on his shoulder.
    Over the last several years, he has been fulfilling all the responsibilities in Employment, Self-Employment Cell, Trade Union, NFGI, President of Air India Ground Staff Union.
    Looking at his efforts of connecting people to the party with its ideology, party may give many other responsibilities even further on this young thinking.
    Rakesh shetty has often been fighting with government to dissolve the public problems of Mulund-Bhandup area.

    Rakesh Shetty’s ground hold is quite strong, that is why people consider him as their leader who selflessly stands at the forefront of their misery. Rahul Gandhi’s youthful thinking and Sonia Gandhi’s trust in the youth, keeping the youth engaged in the party, Rakesh Shetty is moving ahead with the youth to fulfill the same thinking.



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