2B Radio Devotional App decides to remove all contents of Big Boss contestant Anup Jalota .


    2B Radio Devotional App decides to remove all contents of Big Boss contestant Anup Jalota .

    Association with Anup Jalota on 2B Radio platform lasted for not more than two years because of massive outcry from ardent devotees to remove promotional material and songs of Anup Jalota because of his appearance in big boss house with young Jasleen Matharu.

    The reactions from listeners of 2B Radio started from first week of September when Big Boss commenced it show but the management of 2B Radio were reluctant to disturb the listening session of 15 million users having more than 3 lacs average daily listeners across the globe because of some personal reasons of somebody.

    However with incessant outburst by devotees, we are forced to remove unwillingly our popular show “Bhajan Amrit” conducted by late Rajesh Johri and Anup Jalota.

    The primary reason to pull out the program from 2B Platform is evident that the listeners who are devotees could not accept the personal side of “Bhajan Samrat” which has been witnessed in Big boss program.

    We started getting negative feed back from the very first day when he came out with his relationship with Jasleen on the big boss show.

    His statement that their relationship started as “guru shishya”, in vogue is having girl friend etc. probably hit the sentiments of his devotional fans and aggravated the situation beyond control. To intensify further, the outrage of the viewers accelerated when Anup Jalota sang the bhajan of Meera “aise lagi lagan” eying Jasleen .

    2b Radio CEO Dr Kaajal Rohira says that “Anup ji was very supportive with us at 2b radio and he is a very good human being but we had to respect the sentiments of our viewers as his devotional fans have not accepted his this personal side with Jasleen which is showcased in the big boss house”.



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