Actor Jitendra accused of Sexual Harassment complaint filed against him, at Shimla


    Veteran Actor and superstar  of 80′ and 90s Jeetendra(76) caught in a new sensational controversy ,her cousin filed a sexual harassment complaint against him in Shimla.DGP of Himachal pradesh also confirmed this news. According to the sources, a woman has clearly written in her complaint ,47 years ago when she was 18 Jitendra was 28 ,he took her to shimla on shooting and sexually harrased and abused her. When asked her why she kept silence for the last 45 years ? She replied she didn’t want to disturb her father on this issue now he is dead so she asked the police to seek justice. Now Shimla police have begins the inquiry. Interestingly this case very challeangable for the Shimla police because it is 47 year old case how police to investigate the case ! Will be interesting.



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