Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui Summoned by Thane Police for spying on his wife



    Bollywood  Actor  Nwazuddin siddiquiwho is  famous  for  his  outstanding  acting  and  also  famous for his  controversial  statement  and family  life  now  comes  again  in the  news.

    Thane  police  on  Friday
    had summoned actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, his wife and a lawyer in connection with investigations into the alleged sale of Call Detail Records.

    Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Abhishek Trimukhi told reporters that the three had been called after some of the arrested accused had told police that an advocate had obtained call records of the actor’s wife from private detectives. CDRs   racket  which  was  running  by private  detective  exposed  by Thane  police  recently  , world  fame  detective  agent  Rajni  pandit  also  arrested  in the  illegal  CDRs  racket. In short  we can  say  Thane  police  is  very  serious  about the  CDR  racket , Now  we are  waiting  what  Nwazuddin Siddiqui’s statement  will  create  new  Controversy.



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