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Actress Tabu attented Lokhandwala street festival


By Aleem Shaikh

Lokhandwala Street Festival with actor Kartik Aarya, singer Karan Oberoi & comedian Raju Srivastava, spearheaded by Mr. Surjeet Singh Dadiala & Mrs. Shalini Thackeray.

Lokhandwala street turned into a no vehicle zone for a family fun day with Sports, Games, Yoga, Music, Dance, Food, Fun & Frolic, Arts & Crafts. The 3 km stretch of well-maintained concrete roads were freed from vehicular traffic and opened up for not just local residents but also to many who come from faraway locations. As many as more than 50 activity stations including Yoga, Zumba, Rock Climbing, Creative arts, etc. simultaneously engage crowds of around 5000.

Mr. Surjeet Singh Dadiala & Mrs. Shalini Thackeray says, “We are more than happy that more and more people are encouraging & participating in this initiative. Lokhandwala Street Festival met their inherent desire to engage in fitness and cultural activities, in an enjoyable, safe, outdoor setting. Other free street events focus on sports and fitness alone, Lokhandwala Street Festival gives an opportunity to people to engage in performing arts and entertainment also.



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