Ahmedabad Traditional Hindu Fest Navratri begins from 17th Oct. Craft N Fashion launches new Collection

Ahmedabad Traditional Hindu Fest Navratri  begins from 17th Oct. Craft N Fashion launches new Collection
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Yogita and Meghal Patel, two young enterprising fashionistas foray into fashion designing with Craft N Fashion

Mumbai: With Navratri, a nine- day traditional Hindu festival dedicated to the supreme Goddess Durga commencing from 17th October, and with the Gujarati ladies wear traditional Navratri outfits, Yogita and Meghal Patel, two young enterprising fashionistas have created a renowned Boho Brand *”Craft N Fashion”* in Ahmedabad,Gujarat..

Amid COVID 19 pandemic time, they have created some Unique Designs and concept in Boho Handcrafted Jackets and Traditional Indo-Fusion wear with the fusion of Original Afghan Jewelry. They have created this ahead of the most traditional festival of Navratri 2020 which begins from 17th October.

Their Boho fashion jackets are created from Vintage kutch & Sindh hand embroidery fabric. We have make special combo of this jacket along with matching handwork Boho Clutches.

Their wide range of Boho fashion jackets specially designed from Gujarati Hand Embroidery & Mirror work. To enhance the beauty of these jackets they also offered German Silver based Afghan Jewelery which will complete your Traditional Boho fashion look for this year celebration.

Their style of jackets & skirt are very trendy & fashionable which you can wear anytime anywhere. Hence their collection is not only limited for Navratri.

Both Yogita and Meghal believe in Sustainable Fashion, hence have created fusion of Khadi with hand embroidery .

For Yogita and Meghal Patel “Fashion Never Needs Time to Evolve”

The dedicated team of artisans and designers have delivered what the brand promised years ago, when it forayed into the world of business. Ms.Yogita Patel and Meghal Patel have impacted the lives of artisans in the villages of India, by providing them economic stability and a platform to showcase their talent .

About Yogita and Meghal Patel

Both Yogita and Meghal Patel are two Visionary Engineers with an intense interest in Rich Indian Crafts and Boho Fashion Collection. Ms.Yogita Patel a Computer Engineer by profession and designer. Having accomplished Work Experience in Computer Sector she decided to venture on her own to help the Craft Community and Artisans of Gujarati and the other States of India as well.

Designing clothes and accessories has been Yogita’s passion since childhood and has now become an avenue for helping in the propagation of Indian crafts. She always wanted to do something for the development of Gujarat and its rich cultural heritage

Mr.Meghal Patel – A management Graduate having Specialization in Exports Sales & Marketing also spent 9 years of his youth in Exports decided to devote full time towards the introduction and promotion of Indian Crafts to the world.
As a result of this “MEGH CRAFT” with Brand Name: “Craft & Fashion” was born. Their expertise knowledge inspired them to promote Indian Crafts & Art to the world in the International Market. The motive behind this venture is to give financial help and stability to the artisans of India who are not able to reach the local domestic & International market. This will make them self-reliant.

About Craft N Fashion:
With a product line dealing in contemporary and, Boho styled attires, Banjara Handbags & Boho Clutches, Fashion Accessories, fusion jewelry, home décor, and more. They have the distinction of having grown in just ten years to become exporters to countries like USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France Spain, Belgium Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more.

Their Vision and aim are to let the whole world know about the rich Indian tradition and culture. The culture which is hidden in the villages and the interior regions away from the eyes of the tourist. They want the world to know about Indian crafts and its types, as people think that Indian heritage consists probably of Benarasi sarees and Nataraj Statues only. They aim to create an Export House which will take Indian cultural commodities to the doorsteps of the world.

Their Mission: They aim to become a Famous Global Brand for Boho Fashion. Boho Fashion as we know is the kind of fashion that suits a bohemian lifestyle that is a comfortable and trendy way of life. Where fashion becomes an asset and no hindrance in the execution of duties.

Social Responsibility: They may be a business organization but their aim includes some social responsibilities towards the country. They aim at helping artisans and craftsmen to earn a living by giving them a platform to showcase their work but also bring to the fore eco-friendly products manufactured in villages. They also share an added responsibility of reviving fashion and artifacts which have gone into oblivion with time as excellent forms of art that have died due to negligence and callousness.
They deal in “fair trade” of ecofriendly products. They provide vast choices to the customers. The products include jewelry items of home décor especially those with an Adivasi background. All their products are hand made giving a boost to the cottage industry.

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