Bollywood Celebs Attends Ramakant Munde’s Birthday Party.


    By Aleem Shaikh

    A significant chunk of the television industry and some names from the film arena were seen at the birthday celebration of Bollywood photographer and Journalist Ramakant Munde in Mumbai.
    The birthday party was very special which was attended by Mehul kumar, Sanjiv Gupta, Hairy verma, Raaj Gupta, K. Ravi, Actor Shiva, Adi Irani, Arti Nagpal , Ejaz khan and other celebs.
    Smita Gondkar, Khushi Gupta, puneet khre, Harsh Munde, Harshita Munde, Sangeeta Munde and Ashish chowdhary.
    The birthday boy Munde who shined among the attendees said, “Birthdays are always special the day becomes further special when you spend the day with your friends and family.”
    Munde hosted a grand celebration it was a flamboyantly splendid party with glitz , glamour opulence and loads of love for the birthday boy.



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