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Bony Kapoor’s Passport Seized By Dubai Police


Major setback for Bony Kapoor and his family Dubai police seized the passport of Bony Kapoor and ordered he can’t leave the country until the investigation of Sridevi’s death mystery completed. In the biggest twist of iconic Super star Sridevi’s death Mystery which rocked the entire Nation as well Dubai that her death was not Cardiac arrest but Accidental. Now Dubai police began the inquiry checked CCTV footage of the hotel and also started to record the statement of Bony Kapoor, Marwaha family members of which Sridevi came to Dubai to attend the Wedding reception. Dubai public prosecution may re postmartem of Sridevi’s body. Dubai police questioned to hotel staff and recorded their statement police also sealed the hotel room in which Sridevi was stayed. Dublin police investigating the case from all different angles. After completing this investigation Dubai authority will send Sridevi’s Body to India.







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