Budding Music Composer Ashok Sridharan speaks to K.V Raman Hello Mumbai News Sr.Editor to make it big in the music world.

    File picture of Music Composer Ashok Sridharan.

    Budding Music Composer Ashok Sridharan speaks to K.V Raman
    Hello Mumbai News Sr.Editor to make it big in the music world.

    Music is the greatest creation of mankind and an important part of our life as it is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions.

    One of the scores of budding music composers is Ashok Sridharan, who aspires to make it big in the music world. He talks to K.V.Raman, Hello Mumbai News Sr.Editor, in a freewheel interview.

    Excerpts of the interview:

    K.V.Raman: Tell us a bit about your music background.

    Ashok Sridharan: l was much fascinated by music and the intricacies involved in the songs and background score. I always had a love and penchant for music and how it elevates an emotion in a situation. My uncle is a musician and that’s how I got to know about Maestro and legendary Music Director Ilaiyaraja. My friend took me for a meet with the Maestro. Even as the aura around had an effect on me, yet it wasn’t my decision to be a musician. Gradually, I started learning piano as a hobby and Divine grace eventually pulled me into it.

    K.V.Raman: What inspired you to get into music?

    Ashok Sridharan: Humans and emotions are inseparable and music can give life to the emotions on screen . I’m kind of slightly oriented to creativity…so I was inspired to compose my own while learning process was underway.. I wanted to see if I can elevate an emotion through my music..

    K.V.Raman: Did you ever had to struggle to get your first break?

    Ashok Sridharan: Would divide that first break into two phases..

    Firstly, I started learning music only in 2007. And within two years, my growth was such that I started entering competitions. It was in 2010 that I got a breakthrough in NALAYA IYAKKUNAR and I was starting to make a name for myself.. but then I chose to do MBA.

    Secondly, one and more important one yet was in 2019 when I worked for Music Director Darbuka Siva when people around me had a doubt in my capability.

    However, my biggest break is yet to come and I can foresee that coming soon..

    K.V.Raman: Are you interested in other language films like Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada etc?

    Ashok Sridharan: Definitely.. In fact, my first project was in Kannada as a freelancer Music producer for Manikanth Kadri (Son of Legend Kadri Gopalnath). Followed by another kannada project for a different composer where I worked in background score..
    I have done quite a lot of telugu short films apart from Tamil to my credit and a couple of hindi short films. Also worked as Assistant in Middle Class Melodies which released last month and now working on another telugu movie as a Music Producer for a debutant composer. But I am much keen to meet Music Legend AR Rahman and to get an opportunity to work under him.

    And Yes, I am very much open to working in tamil, telugu, kannada, malayalam and hindi films anytime.

    K.V.Raman: Are your parents too music minded? Do they encourage you?

    Ashok Sridharan: Amidst peels of laughter, revealed that
    “in the beginning they weren’t because I had passed out from one of the best engineering colleges In India and then had an MBA degree
    I was working as Head – HR in Infosys. So they worried about leaving that and coming here.. but they could gauge my talent and knew I can survive in this field. Now that I have been involved in quite a few projects, they see that spark in me. So they are fine with that now.

    This is Ashok Sridharan who aspires to make it big in the music world and win name and fame and fulfill his Cherished dream.

    News Input by K.V.Raman



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