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Chowk inauguration At Bandra

Chowk inauguration At  Bandra

Hema Malini,Ashish Shelar-MLA,Tabassum,Sunil Pal,Tinaa Ghaai,Deevya,Ayushman,Akhilesh & Manindra Jain came for of Padamshree Ravindra Jain Chowk at Bandra. Deevya Jain wife of Music director-singer Padamshree Ravindra Jain and his son Ayushman Jain along with Akhilesh Jain and Manindra Jain invited guest for inauguration of Ravindra Jain chowk at Bandra West.MLA Ashish Shelar came on time for the event.Hema Malini inaugurated the chowk.Tabassum,Nirmala Jain,Tinaa Ghaai,Sunil Pal and singers of RJ Series family came for the event.


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