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Disco King- Bappi Lahiri composes for the King of the ring- Mike Tyson



Disco King- Bappi Lahiri composes for the King of the ring- Mike Tyson :

While the news of Mike Tyson’s India visit is heating up, the promoters of upcoming MMA league Kumite 1 league reached out to many celebrities to invite them to attend the fight night on 29th September and struck gold when they called to invite our very own Bappi Lahiri.

The veteran composer is in the US and will remain there for the better half of October but he was thrilled to hear about Tyson’s visit and true to form offered Tyson a gift through Mohamedali Budhwani, owner of Kumite 1 League.

No cookies for guessing ? Yes the Disco king, composed a jingle welcoming Mike Tyson to India out of sheer warmth and enthusiasm.

On hearing about Tyson’s visit to India, Bappi da said, “It is such a strange co incidence. When Tyson will be my India I will be in his. If I would have been in Mumbai I would have personally gifted him the jingle. It is such a happy moment for our country that he is coming all the way to promote MMA and prepare fighters from our country. I think he deserves the warmest welcome so I could not think of anything else but Bollywood style music to greet him”.

The jingle opens with a customary OM and Swagatam in Bappi Da’s voice and melodious music. As it progresses it breaks into a high octane Disco King Bappi Lahiri’s 80s style bollywood serving. He also composed the track over night out of sheer excitement and joy of welcoming none other than the great king of the ring- Mike Tyson.

Thanking Bappi Lahiri, the world boxing champion, Mike Tyson said, “I want to thank Bappi Lahiri for this warm welcome much before my arrival. I have heard about Indian hospitality and I can sense it from miles away. I’m equally excited about my India trip. My wife loves Bollywood and we think that the jingle is awesome”.

Bappi Da not only wears a lot of gold now we know that he has a heart of gold too. Can’t wait to hear the jingle and Mike Tyson to land.


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