Fashion Photographer Amit Khanna Launches His Calendar Glam Onn 2019

    Glam Onn 2019

    From Shakti Arora & Neha Saxena’s chemistry to Mrunal Jain’s rugged look; Amit Khanna’s calendar breaks yet a stereotype too.

    Dadasaheb Phalke Fashion Photographer award winner, Amit Khanna launched his calendar ‘Glam Onn’ on the 16th of January followed by a small celebration. The photographer crafted his entire creativity so well by bringing out the best from Shakti Arora, Neha Saxena, Mrunal Jain, Niti Taylor, Chetna Pande to name a few. But out of all his covers the one which attracted many eyeballs was the plus size one, which intends towards breaking the cliche.

    In the age where plus size women are facing several prejudices Amit felt the importance of breaking this norm. Taking in consideration non celebrity women who are happy in their skin and knows how to carry themselves in the world of skinny and perfect size women, Amit dedicated the month of May in his calendar to these women.

    The image has been going viral on the internet and has received many accolades and appreciation. Amit says, ” It’s good to see your work getting applauded. I dreamt of something like this and the output is making me only proud and happy. We must break these stereotypes and feel comfortable in our own skin.”

    “Plus size modelling has come to India and it is a growing industry too. I feel why shame when you can be different and successful,” adds Khanna

    Amit who recently partnered with Blued gay dating application and launched his renowned web series- All About Section 377 on the application’s channel is surely a torch bearer when it comes to breaking odds. We wish him heartiest congratulations.



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