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“It’s like Deja Vu” Says Actress Niharica Raizada

“It’s like Deja Vu” Says Actress Niharica Raizada

By Aleem Shaikh

“It’s like Deja Vu” says actress Niharica Raizada.

Actress Niharica Raizada of films like Masaan, Baby and Waarrior Savitri says the Miss India World 2017 Manushi Chhillar gave her a Deja Vu feeling when she won the title 17 years since Priyanka Chopra in 2000.

Niharica Raizada was crowned Miss India UK winner and Miss India Worldwide 1st runner up in 2011. She says after watching Manushi win the crown for India on the 18th of November this year it was a very proud moment for her because she felt: “Finally, they are putting those people in the limelight who deserve to be there.”

Doctor, oh I’m sorry I meant Miss World!

A translation medicine student from Imperial College who has done a lot of clinical research in the field of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery says: “It was like I relived my past. I am so proud of our Miss World and hope she uses her Medical Background together with Entertainment in the most fruitful way possible.” 

She was so Beautiful she gave me a Heart Attack

Education and Entertainment may not be something we see very often today,  most of the actresses who join the film business are prepared right from their 12th standard, those who study by default start later,  but come with a different set of experiences. Actresses like Kriti Sanon and Parineeti Chopra came from engineering and finance backgrounds respectively.

Niharica adds: “Girls with a solid educational foundation can contribute so much to society,  we have a sense of openness and know how to deal with people from all walks of life. Educated actresses bring a fountain of knowledge and ideas to a film team, I hope to see even more of them in the future!”

Here’s to celebrating Intelligent beautiful women.




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