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Khaali Peeli deemag ka dahi kar rela hai!!!

Ever since the debate of nepotism broke out, the tinsel world is being divided into two – The Insiders and The Outsiders. Akin to the saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side”, people have started taking sides on either side, keeping the issue alive and fresh. This means fresh meat for memes and trolls to keep the social media abuzz with these innovations. What about those who live in the thin red line between the two worlds? How would they be reacting to such innuendos? What if these silly pranks reach levels of despair resulting in another tragic incident in the industry? What is their fault??

In recent times we have seen the hate trolls affect newcomers in their teens like Ananya Pandey, Ishan Khattar who despite belonging to star families are still outsiders!!! Chunky Pandey was not a superstar and continues to be made fun of by one and every one in the industry. Ishan’s brother despite being in the industry for such a long time got a fresh lease of life post Kabir Singh. Both these star kids chose to be launched in films where the banner, CO-artistes and crew were bigger names than theirs, leading to lower chances of getting noticed for their prowess.

Why should they be part of the hate troll which seems to be gnawing its way slowly and could very well affect these kids also. Will media be held responsible in case of a mishap again? For a minute let us keep aside all these accusations, counter allegations and support creative,content as well as talent.

Written by- Shankar Venkatraman


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