By Aleem Shaikh

Gracing the cover of Enlighten Magazine as the cover girl showcasing her summer collection , Myrra better known as “Lady Salman Khan” opts a bold & beautiful attire & feels “Starlike” to be called “Lady Salman Khan”. Myrra feels excited & exhilarated to be on the cover of the magazine & feels “Life is beach for her”
This summer “fill your life with colors” & treat your life as a beach with Myrra’ssummer collection. Drawing inspiration from mother earth, Myrra brings the beaches of Miami & nature of Greece in her collection with the usage of vibrant colors & floral prints in feminine motifs to bring a summery change in your wardrobe “I believe life is a beach that’s exactly the reason why I have bought the beaches in my collection. Also I am extremely drawn towards Mother nature, that’s exactly the reason why I have used so much of green in my collection. I hope my collection is a part of everyone’s wardrobe”
Myrra who has never shied away from pushing her limits says “Lady Salman Khan” is a flattering title. I am lady Salman khan because I drink and drive and have been caught so many times. I can willingly pay the challan (fine) but I just cannot give up on my habits. RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN! All my friends call me lady Salman for the thug and mafia life that I live. I wouldn’t Chide away from saying that I enjoy doing all the illegal stuff. In fact, once I was so drunk while driving, that I rammed into the cycle guy who also unintentionally broke the traffic rules by heading towards me from the wrong direction. My SUV completely crashed. Luckily, the accident didn’t see any fatal injuries. But that event didn’t stop me from continuing my craze. Also, every bar I visit, I always walk away with a wine glass. It’s like a hobby, a compulsion. I have a collection of all the sexy wine glasses in my house. I’m really friendly with all the hospitality staff of the bars just like Salman I’m laid back and sometimes act instinctively by just emptying a glass of wine or a bottle of champagne on anyone who annoys me. Just like him, I believe in living my life carefree still grounded to my morals. My approach towards life has always been bold & brave “
Myrra who is all about caring, warm , loving, hospitable, compassionate says that success in the Industry is pretty farfetched. It’s a learning process & ladder of his process is infinite. Success to me, is a journey not the destination.


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