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Movie Review, Film Sanju By Khalid Khan, Rating 4*


Movie Review – SANJU

So one of the most awaited movie of the year has finally released. It was awaited because it is based one of the most flamboyant and controversial actor bollywood has ever seen – Sanjay Dutt.

The story starts with Sanjay (Ranbir Kapoor) getting convicted by the court and getting 6 years of imprisonment. He has 1 month to complete his pending work and surrender. He and his wife Manyata (Dia Mirza) decide to put forward their point of story in front of public by writing a biography on his life. Thus enters Winnie Diaz (Anushka Sharma) an acclaimed writer from London. Although she is not interested in writing his book due to his controversial past, he requests her to listen to his story for an hour and then decide whether she would like to take this assignment or not. Thus begins the story of Sanju from his Rocky days to his affair with Ruby (Sonam Kapoor) based on Tina Munim now Ambani, to his introduction to the world of drug by a new friend Mistry (Jim Sarbh), his ordeal of seeing his mother die of cancer, to his rehabilitation in US and then his link to the Bombay bomb blasts of 1993.


The movie takes us on a roller coater ride which has lot of drama, emotions, laughs and thrills too. The major aspect of this movie focusses on his encounter with drugs and his role in Bombay bomb blasts. The movie is also more of a father-son story as well as about friendship between Sanju and his Gujarati friend Kamlesh (Vicky Kaushal) from US.

The first half focusses more on his ordeal with drugs and in second half the focus shifts to his trial in bomb blast case. The movie on the whole is just brilliant and very engaging. It is a brillaint work by writers Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi. Rajkumar Hirani is one director who weaves his magic in any story and he does it once again. The life of Sanjay Dutt is already interesting but Raju with his style of film making makes it more interesting and appealing. Performance wise it is Ranbir’s show all the way. Hats off to him for his brilliant portrayal of Sanjay Dutt. He looks, walks, talks & breathes as Sanjay and his hard work shows off. He should win many accolades for this one. Other 2 important roles in this movie apart from Sanjay is of Sanju’s father Sunil Dutt and Sanju’s best friend Kamlesh. Paresh Rawal is excellent as Sunil Dutt and wins hearts. Vicky Kaushal as Sanju’s best friend Kamlesh is brilliant too. He was good in Raazi too but he just nails it with his performance in this movie. He is one actor to watch out for. One of the best scene is between these two actors (Paresh Rawal and Vicky Kaushal). Watch out for that scene it’s just brilliant.

The minus point of the movie is that it just focuses on some aspects of Sanju’s life and not on whole. A biopic should cover major chapters on his life. But many chapters of Sanju’s life are not even mentioned like his marriage with Richa and Rhea. About his first daughter Trishala. Or his famous affair about Madhuri. It then comes across that makers have just shown whatever clarification Sanju wanted to give to clean his image.

But overall, the movie works and even at 2 hours and 40 minutes it doesn’t dips or bores us which has always been a USP of master story teller Raj Kumar Hirani. It may not be his best but he still makes a worthy one. Go and enjoy this ride into the life of Sanju and have fun.

Rating – 4*


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