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Movie Review ‘pari ‘ by Khalid khan


Movie Review – Pari

By: Khalid Khan

Pari starts in Kolkata on a rainy day when Arnab (Parambratta Chatterjee) and his parents are returning home in their car after meeting a prospective bride for him. Suddenly an old woman meets with an accident with their car which results into her death. The old lady is survived by a daughter Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) and they both used to live in a small hut in the middle of a jungle near the accident spot. A professor (Rajat Kapoor) in Bangladesh is in search of Rukhsana and her mother. He reaches Kolkata when he comes to know about the death of Rukhsana’s mother and Rukhsana’s whereabout. But before Professor could attack her, Rukhsana escape & reaches Arnab’s house to seek his help as he had helped her in the cremation of her dead mother. Why that Professor wants to kill Anushka? Who was Anushka’s mother in real ? and why is she getting close to Arnab ? Answer to all these mysteries form the remaining part of the story.

Story wise the plot looks promising and engaging but the execution is a major letdown. The Screenplay is so bad that it doesn’t inches forward many a times. Editing here is an another weak point as even at 136 minutes the movie looks stretched, long and sometimes bores you. The love story between Rukhsana and Arnab is so weird that it doesn’t connects with you. Performance wise Anushka does a good job but even she is unable to bring life to this boring drama. Parambratta Chatterjee is excellent and once again shows his mettle after Kahani. Rajat Kapoor is perfect as the Professor and acts well. Background score by Ketan Sodha is good. For a movie like this which claims to be a Horror, the horror scenes and sequences are way too less. The apt title for this movie should be Pari – Not a Horror tale instead of Pari – Not a Fairy tale. The first time director Prosit Roy falters a big time here. Enjoy your Holi weekend in some other activity. You can give this one a miss for sure.

Rating – 1.5*


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