Home Bollywood Mumbai: Career in Bollywood and new opportunities in webseries ,News report by Sanjeev Kamal Julka

Mumbai: Career in Bollywood and new opportunities in webseries ,News report by Sanjeev Kamal Julka

Mumbai: Career in Bollywood and new opportunities in webseries ,News report by Sanjeev Kamal Julka
Sanjeev Kamal Julka

Now-a days ..film Industry has grown up a lot and it has now become Entertainment Industry rather it has become Media and Entertainment Industry.

Earlier only Film Industry was there ….then came Television and a new era of Serials started and soon there was flood of channels showing a lot of Serials .

With coming of Serials the business of Advertisements also got a big boost .

And Now Web Series and short film Era has started with coming of digital media .

So now the career opportunity is not only limited to Feature films but there are Serials ,Advertisements, day by day increasing Web series ,short films etc.

For making any film may it be Feature films, Serials , Advertisements, Web series , short film etc. a lot of persons are needed.

So there are many categories where persons have got chance to get job

First and very famous category is Artists that is Actors and Actresses .

Earlier the scope of acting was only in films but now as there are so many Serials ,Advertisements , Web series ,Short films etc. the scope of acting has increased a lot .

So there is a lot of work for Artists .But on one hand when demand of Artists has increased so much , supply also has increased a lot .

But then there are

Many other Professionals categories where demand has increased a lot for example: For Director, Camera man, Editor , Writer ,Executive Producer ,Music Director Singer , Lyricist , Art Director , Costume Designer , Make up man ,production controller , sound recording etc.

Then there are assistants also .

Then Light men, setting boys, spot boys etc.

So a lot of jobs for a lot of persons .

Now you can choose any field as per your interest and ability and try to get the work .

As I told there are some professional fields where you shall get knowledge and expertise. And if you have talent ,sincerity and if you work hard with all probability you can get the work .

Specially if you are young .

Fields like Camera man , Editing ,animation , visual effects etc. are technical fields and if you get expertise in that there is great probability of getting good work .As experts professionals in these lines are less.

Now-a- days with Holly wood films , South films and even other regional films being dubbed in Hindi ,one more job opportunity has increased and that is of Dubbing Artists.

So great opportunity of work and if your Destiny is with you then Sky is the limit .

It is seen that more and more persons are coming to join the entertainment Industry therefore supply has also increased a lot. And due to which competition has also increased to such an extent that one has to strive hard to get the work .

You have to be very hard working person to survive in the industry .

Even scope of Producers , Distributors and Financiers have increased a lot .But those are Risky job.

What care shall be taken by persons who want to be producers, that I will tell in my next articles .

Even other than those jobs which I mentioned above , with coming of large companies into production and distribution business the normal jobs in Administration , HR , Accounts , marketing etc. department have also increased in this Industry .

So there is lot of scope of jobs in the Entertainment Industry.

But how to go about that and what care has to be taken etc., that I will let you know in my next article .

And I will start with the most sorted and famous category that is Acting line . I will try to tell if you want to go into Acting line then : How to go about it ? What care shall one take ? etc.

News report by : Sanjeev Kamal Julka

Actor ,Writer, Director

Chartered Accountant


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