Mumbai: Mumbai Actress Gehna Vashisht announced her next music video ‘Dil Kar Hai’!

Mumbai: Mumbai Actress Gehna Vashisht announced her next music video ‘Dil Kar Hai’!

Actress Gehna Vashisht who is busy acting in TV and films as well as web series, announces her next music video ‘Dil Kar Raha Hai’. These days, due to the tremendous success of his new video, or Habibi, he is in the news. On the occasion of the announcement of his next music video ‘Dil Kar Raha Hai’, Jewel held a press conference in Mumbai where while talking to the media, Gehna said ‘Dil Kar Raha Hai’ is also sung by Asmita Adhikari, same song is the unit. Its choreographer is Khushbu Patel. Its video director is Hriday Shankar Mishra and its producer is Salim Shah. This is a romantic number in which there is a situation that a girl is waiting for her boyfriend. It is getting decorated; it is getting lost in its wait. This video has a proper story line. The girl’s pain is increasing and her emotion has been expressed in this song which will be liked by the audience and listeners. This song will be released soon.

File images of Mumbai actress Gehna Vashisht.

Actress Gehna  Vashistha expressed her displeasure over the Tik Tok people. “I hate the Tik Tok people.” This is because people go to NSD, go to Pune Film Institute, do street plays, do theatre, learn acting, then work in films or serials, nowadays producers ask girls how many Instagram followers do they have? How many followers are there on your fan page, if I have to do this, then I should spend lakhs of rupees to increase the number of followers here? Those who talk to Tick Tok do not know how to act, they do not remember the dialogues. Those with Tik Tok cannot act. ”

Actress Gehna Vashistha, while wishing the New Year, told about her busyness on New Year. “In the 12 months of 2020, I am going to release at least 36 projects. Recently, a film completes that five of my projects are going to be released in January. ”Munde Media took over the responsibility of PR of this program.

Images of the press conference

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