Mumbai : Mumbai Actress Lopamudra Raut celebrates christmas with Ngo Kids 2019, First pictures here

    Lopamudra Raut surprised us all with her portrayal of a retro superstar in the webseries The Verdict: State vs Nanavati. She wants to celebrate with the kids and she will be spending her Christmas with NGO kids.

    Lopamudra has been known to be very close to kids and the differently-abled . She has been consistently doing things to reach out to them and she has been very active in the social sphere. We spoke to her to get an insight and here is what she has got to say, ” it’s just lovely to come to these children and spend some time. They are so abundant and limitless and they are not conditioned. Whatever they do is without bias. I get to learn a lot and I just love to spend time with them. It’s always such an enriching experience and to be very honest I am selfish to come here. The learnings and love that I receive here is unmatched and I wish to give back as much as well. ”

    She is definitely inspiring all of us and we need to take a leaf out of her life. Cheers to you and you are super amazing.

    Actress Lopamudra Raut celebrating Christmas with Ngo kids in Mumbai.



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