Mumbai: Mumbai actress Ms Sajni Srivastava appeals for normal life and freedom to return to normalcy , shared her views with ‘Hello Mumbai News ‘

    File picture of actress Sajni Shrivastav.
    File picture of actress Sajni Shrivastav.

    Mumbai: Dazzling Sajni Srivastava is a model turned actress. She was much seen in daily soaps on the small screen(Television). But she emerged into limelight from the show ‘Aek Chabi Hai Pados Main’. The show aired on Star Plus on 25th November 2006 was a comedy drama and Sajani depicted the character of Kavita Gupta. Infact, the actress shared a supporting role in the series.

    Notwithstanding she was sharing a supporting role, she was a cynosure of all eyes in the series and she made a mark for herself as an actress to reckon with.

    The Stylish actress is bestowed with two gifts- impressive acting skills and gorgeous looks.
    She is in Bollywood since 1999 and still active. Her career in Bollywood spans to more than 17years.

    After completing her schooling from ST. Thomas High school,
    she graduated in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

    She floated an entertainment company named Pilipili Entertainment Company Ltd., of which she is the proud owner, in May 2009. She makes it known that her company produces films, Ad films and TV Serials.

    There is a saying that beauty and brains is a dangerous combination, but for Sajni, it has proved highly successful.
    Her movie titled ‘Nani’ and ‘The Ray of Hope’ fetched ZIFF award. Sajni has six directorial ventures as a director as of now.

    Speaking to Hello Mumbai News reporter Ramya Rai, Sajni Srivastava says amid this lockdown she is spending good quality time with her family. Earlier
    most of the time, she has been busy with her work.

    Ms Sajni also mentions that she is spending time doing household chores, cooking and trying recipes .
    Ms Sajni Srivastava says ” she feels little stressed and hectic because of this pandamic.

    On the work front, Ms Sajni is busy in recording cover song and shooting once the lockdown gets lifted. She is just waiting to get back to work.

    She further makes it known that government should give a chance for ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy medicine which cures health problems.
    The actress says government should support the ayurvedic medicines and treat it as first preference.

    Ms Sajni says is not only mentally stressed and depressed, but today, the entire world and the media industr has been impacted to a great extent. Some of the workers cannot deal and come out of the stress and depression. They commit suicide and end their life . For daily survival they need money.

    The Covid-19 induced lockdown hit people below the belt. has
    Ms Sajni says we can atleast give them small help by talking to them, motivate them by giving them their need and help them to overcome the problem so that there’s no stress and way to suicide.

    Ms Sajni sincere advice to people and fans tob STAY HOME STAY SAFE, take precautions, learn to live with the problems and overcome it

    Sajni says she needs to keep herself busy with any work, keep a track on the condition of people in need and help them in any way- support and motivate them.

    News report by Ramya Ravi

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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