Mumbai : Mumbai actress Shilpa Shetty shares her yoga pictures on social media amid lockdown, see pictures here


    Actress Shilpa shetty doing yoga during lockdown .

    When it comes to fitness there are a few celebrities that are our role models. @theshilpashetty is one of them. The actress is known for her gruelling exercise sessions and her intense yoga routines. During the lockdown, Shilpa Shetty has been sharing her fitness routines on social media and urging her fans to follow it in order to stay fit.

    The recent video that the mother-of-two shared showed her doing the Janu Sirshasana aka the head-to-knee pose.

    Shilpa shared the video with the caption, “It’s important to stretch and flex the muscles often, to prepare the body, safeguarding our bodies from injuries and for the activities we take on. It could be cleaning and decluttering the house, or preparing for the daily fitness routine. I love this one, the Janu Sirshasana.



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