Mumbai : Mumbai Bollywood Publicist Parul Chawla shares her views on the impact of Coronavirus on Bollywood Events


    Mumbai: Mumbai based Publicist and Owner of Picture N Kraft Parul Chawla shares her views on impact of Coronavirus with Hello Mumbai News .

    Mumbai: Coronavirus has undoubtedly spread like a raging fire across the world and instilled fear in the minds of people.

    Hello Mumbai News Editor-In-Chief Aleem Shaikh took the opportunity to meet Parul Chawla -Owner Picture N Kraft for her views on the dreaded virus.

    While speaking with Aleem Shaikh she stated that “Corona Virus has deeply impacted the Film industry. The profound effect has not only jolted all and sundry, but has also created an awareness for hygiene and people are becoming very cautious and taking precautionary measures for it.”

    “I just did an event on Friday and the turnout and response was good. I was receiving lot of calls and wasn’t sure whether the call was about a cancellation or a postponement of an event. I was gripped in fear. The calls hasn’t stopped coming as yet.

    Nevertheless, few events have been postponed. Our mega Bigg Boss event scheduled for 15th March is postponed..But I feel glad that there is unity and people are understanding and standing united and avoiding public places ,and this time shall pass too”.

    Concluding the conversation, on behalf of the team of Picture N Kraft, wished all for healthy environment and good spirit.

    News Edit by K.V.Raman

    File picture of Parul Chawla .



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