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Music Launch of film ‘Kaabil’ with Hirithik Roshn. Use selfi pic


KBy Hello Mumbai Team:(Vile Parle East)

There are song launches that highlight the beauty of music and then there is the launch of Mon Amour from Kaabil, that purely highlights the beauty of life. An event that got tears of joy and happiness to everyone who was present, the launch of the next song from the Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer was truly amazing. All credit for this goes to the inspiring team of the visually impaired band of musicians called Udaan lead by Keval Haria and Meena Bedsa.


Set up in 2005, UDAAN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is a company that promotes Self-Employment for visually challenged stage performers. (Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Anchors, Comedians). In the past 8 years, they performed over 450 shows in popular auditoriums across the nation. The launch commenced with the band taking center stage and performing Mon Amour to the tunes that personify perfection. The audience and the team of Kaabil were in awe of this group of highly talented musicians, so much so that the lead pair, Hrithik and Yami got up on stage and started dancing! Present at the event was Director of Kaabil, Sanjay Gupta, the musical genius and the man behind all the melodies of the movie, Rajesh Roshan and the man without whom none of this would have been possible, the humble and dignified, Rakesh Roshan. Also present was Baddie of Kaabil, Rohit Roy along with head honcho of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar.


Speaking at the event, Hrithik said that, “While shooting for Kaabil,  the cast and the unit was like a family that had forgotten that the outside world exists and that happens very rarely. Sanjay, Rohit, Ronit, Yami, we all connected on such an emotional and beautiful level. I do believe that it all comes from the script. But to get everyone to recognise that, connect with that and understand it, that is amazing. We truly forgot the outside world and that happens in very few movies. Kaabil is a special film as in my life I have seen very few films where everyone connects so well. I am sad because that journey is coming to an end but am also glad, because the film will now be shared with everyone. However, The people of Kaabil will walk with each other for a long long time, even after the film has released.”


Speaking on the dance sequences of Mon Amour, Yami Gautam said that, “I faced several challenges during the shooting of Kaabil as I was working with industry stalwarts and veterans who are all around me. When I realized that this is not just a challenge but an opportunity, then the journey becomes much more fun and special and when you share that platform with the biggest star, finest director, veteran producer, its surely memorable. As Hrithik said, we started the journey from, Page one, exploring something new everyday and everyone was helping each other throughout. I loved all the inputs from everyone and everyone was always so happy, we were in our own world, a world which we did not want to come out of and now its time to share that world with everyone. Our smiles here are all happy smiles as that is the state of mind we are in, we are actually presenting a piece of our hearts to you and we hope touch yours too.”


The man behind the music of Kaabil, Rajesh Roshan said that, “I am always trying to learn more, on what is working and what the trends are. To make a film on blind people is not easy, for the producers, actors, director, cameramen, it is a difficult concept. But for me, this was very easy. For me action is very hard and a subject as soft and loving as Kaabil is easy. However, seeing the visually impaired band, Udaan perform today has been life changing and its opened my eyes. I found Mon Amour such a difficult song in terms of tempo, but when I saw these men perform effortlessly and so well, my eyes have opened and I am in awe of them”


Sanjay Gupta said that “When I heard the song right now, a part of me was very very happy to share it with everyone. However, a part was also sad as I thought that now this is also gone. For me this movie has been like your child and you obviously want your child to do well in the world, go out and make a name, and that is why you bring them up, but when they leave, its also heart breaking to see them go so its somehow the same feeling that I am going through at the moment. It has been an amazing journey and the most cooperative and collaborative  team that I have ever worked with. ”


Producer Rakesh Roshan was all smiles at the phenomenal response that the music and trailer of Kaabil has received and Mon Amour is yet another feather that has been added to the illustrious hat of Kaabil!



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