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Muslim Ngo’s protest against Film ‘One Night Out ‘ NC registerd at Oshiwara Police station


A Muslim NGO’s protest against Film “One Night Out”, releasing on 25th May 2018, on base of banner having picture of Makka Madina.

A bad practice is coming up in our India, by NGO’s to protest against a Bollywood Film with idiotic base.

Latest is protest by Haji Abdul Hamid of AIMIM joined secretry, on behalf of ‘Jogeshwari Social Foundation’, against a Hindi Feature Film “One Night Out” basically the subject which is based on a true story. Haji Abdul Hamid has launched a NC, in Oshiwara Police Station, against a song picturized in the film, a qawwali, where a banner is showed in front portion of stage having picture of Makka Madina, also has Islamic words. They want the song to be removed, otherwise they will not allow this film to be released, now a question comes, do a filmmaker had to take a permission from so called NGO to make a film, film is a dream project, one has to imagine it in views, that is why film is made.

NGO’s are there to look after the need of helpless people in society, not to create a difference in caste or community, just to gain short time publicity, which is baseless, they are following the example of Karni Sena’s revolution against Film Padmavati, why, no answer.

Film stars Javed Haider, Kabina Maharjan, Neha Joshi, Avantika Mishra, Gulshan Pandey, Krishna Bhansal, Shazida Khan, Yogi Mane, Mayra Singh and others.

Film is made under the banner of ‘Music One Films Production and Studio’, film is produced, written & directed by Ravnddra Khare.



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