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PARAAYAN Unique Religious Kitty party group of Professional women in Nagpur,Gets good response

PARAAYAN  Unique Religious Kitty party group of Professional women in Nagpur,Gets good response

News Report by Rashmi Majgaonker, (City Editor  Nagpur) PARAAYAN Kitty :

Name of the Memebers.
Some of the members united together to form a kitty group, so as to find some respite from the day today hustle bustle of life. Gradually the members decided to start PARAAYAN of Gajanan Maharaj and all the subsequent members readily agreed to follow the sublime. ‘Wake up, live the life of your soul’ was the call that inspired us to start the PARAAYAN Group. It was a way to open the door for Communion with God to realize the higher realm of consciousness within us. Henceforth, it converted into a PARAAYAN group which undertook this mission of completing 21 PARAAYAN from Maharaj’s bigger POTHI, in the year 2015. Starting from Maharaj’s PRAKAT DIN, the following Thursday was considered to commence the chain PARAAYAN for the next 21 Thursdays, continuously without any gap. 21 chapters were recited one after the other by different members and took the entire day to complete it. It was a herculean task.
So, we got different indications, in 2016. We constituted 21 members and distributed chits to each member and whoever got their number would recite the chanting simultaneously. This was followed by Aarti and bhajan. Henceforth, the whole day was not consumed, and the entire chapters were read in one stroke. This was a great awakening. We all enjoyed it too. We have also decided to follow certain rules compulsorily that is to be traditionally dressed, with a certain dress code, with nose rings, GAZRAA and colour of the attire is also fixed, which brings similarity in every sense of worth. Neatness and cleanliness goes without saying
After PARAAYAN, the Aarti is performed, followed by shloka recitation, hyms and Bhajans are chanted making the atmosphere fully divine. After this pooja Prasaad in the form of Zhunka and Bhakar is served to all the members. It depends on the host member to provide other fasting delicacies like sabudaana khichdi, pedha, modak and other sweets depending on the affordability.
After completion of 21 Parayan we all hire a bus to Shegaon on the 22nd Thursday. The next day all the members are dressed in similar attire and they enter the PARAAYAN hall at the scheduled time and chant 21 chapters of PARAAYAN simultaneously. In this way the parayan conclude successfully. Many of the members have been benefitted by it. The grace of Gajanan maharaj is on everyone and with his support everyone rekindles a new lease of life despite the struggles and vagaries they face. It makes their strife easy, just as candle cannot burn without fire, similarly we the human beings cannot live without a spiritual life and thereby God bestows his choicest blessings on us. Maharaj’s blessings stay on all of us.


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