Rekha Rana and Princess Francoise Sturdza Work Together on a Photoshoot for the Heart For India Foundation

    Rekha Rana and Princess Francoise Sturdza Work Together

    Rekha Rana and Princess Francoise Sturdza work together on a photoshoot for the Heart For India Foundation

    International award winning actress Rekha Rana who has represented India on many national and international platforms like Cannes, Cameroons and Braintree film festival, is also brand ambassador for the Heart For India foundation along with Chef Vineet Bhatia. Rekha was a part of the movie ‘Tara: The journey of love and passion’  which is acclaimed by both national and international critics. Yesterday, Rekha Rana did a photo shoot along with Princess Francoise Sturdza who is in India for her annual visit for Heart For India Foundation which was done by Christ Productions at Taj Lands End.

    Heart For India Foundation is created by Princess Francoise Sturdza, Princess of Geneva (Switzerland). Heart for India Foundation is a non-political, non-governmental and non-religious organisation which is helping underprivileged children from 3-18 years of age with access to education and are currently providing education to more than 3000 kids in Tamil Nadu.

    The Foundation has grown step by step and built a winning model based on the following method: to link Education with Nutrition, to identify and solve serious problems related to Health & Hygiene, Security & Safety and Environment.  Additionally, the two Training Centres sponsored by HFI offer a unique oportunity to young women to get an official diploma and find long term jobs helping them get out of the poverty.



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