Seven men talk about the Bollywood actor they would like to play HOLI with!


    Amal Sehrawat: Alia Bhatt! As this young girl on the block is surprising me with every film she’s doing, am a big fan of her versatility.  Also, she is very vibrant on screen and off screen, so it would be fun having her as Holi partner. I shall mix all colors ORGANIC  gulal , exactly like she is mixing all colors of ORGANIC performances in her choice of films.

    Ramman Handa: I would love to play Holi with Deepika Padukone as she is very cute and dimples make her look hotter. I would like to put green, red and yellow gulal on her  as she is full of colors and energy so multi colors will enhance her beauty

    Karan Singh Chhabra:
     I would like to play Holi with Alia Bhatt since she is the most fun loving and real actress I have met. So playing this joyful festival with her will be great fun.  I would put red color on her.

    Ssharad Malhotra: Deepika Padukone I would put red color on her as red is the color of love and passion and play the song Lahu muh lag gaya.

    Aniruddh Dave: Bhagyashree I still watch Maine Pyaar Kiya again and again and would love to enact the song Dil Deewana from that movie with her again.

    Mohammad Nazim: I would like to play Holi with Alia Bhatt with all color because she’s a bubbly and fun loving soul just like a mixture of all colors.

    Mrunal Jain: I would like playing Holi with Shraddha Kapoor putting all colors and dancing on the song Cham Cham



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