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Side Business, A Good Back Up For Professions : Actor Faizan Syed


Ups and downs in career are part and parcel of life. You need to cope up with both, no matter what. Leaving career insecurity woes to rest, having business serves you best; believes actor Faizan Syed.

If you’re suffering bad phase in career, business operations would save you, he claims.
Hailing from Delhi, this small screen star came to Mumbai to meet his destiny. He did diploma in acting here. After shooting his portfolio, he started acting career with Fear Files. Then he was seen in shows like Diya aur Baati Hum (2013), Beintehaa (2014), Sapne Suhane ladakpan ke (2014), Savdhaan India etc . His recent project with Shilpa Shetty, an Amazon Prime exclusive would be out very soon.
Interestingly, he owns restaurant in Mumbai. Acting is my career and restaurant business is backup option, he affirms.


To feed the stomach, money is necessary. Considering inconsistencies within profession, one should take business as viable alternative, he suggests.
Various stars from B-Town are known to do the same; right from SRK (Red Chillies Entertainment), Hritik Roshan (HRX), Salman Khan (Being Human Foundation) and many more.




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