Singer Actor Sakshi Chopra swearing-in style sends a powerful message for 2022-I will never endorse fairness Ads ,Every complexion is beautiful.

Singer Actor Sakshi Chopra swearing-in style sends a powerful message for 2022-I will never endorse fairness Ads ,Every complexion is beautiful.

In a candid conversation in Antalya, a Turkish resort city, India’s risqué fashionista, it girl, an actor/singer/songwriter, Sakshi Chopra gives an insight into a part of her life that she doesn’t ever display on social media.

Sakshi stands in her hotel balcony and laughs as her eyes glance over Konyaalti beach. She has been holding a glass of bubbly in her hand for more than an hour now to celebrate the signing of an exciting assignment coming up in New York Fashion week. ‘Sorry, I don’t like alcohol so much’ she smiles and says as she sits on the chair.

Chopra is wearing a blue baby tee with jeans that make her body look jaw dropping.

Her face radiates a glow that makes her look like a sun kissed goddess.

Sakshi tells us about her first Balmain assignment that got postponed because of the covid 19 wave in March 2020. It was an exciting proposition & she looks forward to working with them on that one soon, she says.
Modelling and acting offers, in the US but also in India, are only growing by the day but Sakshi is very choosy about the brands she wants to work with or represent.
‘I will never promote a fairness cream no matter what’ Sakshi explains. ‘I think every complexion is beautiful’.

As of now, she is busy working on her first music album all set to launch mid next year.
Many don’t know that Sakshi has rigorously trained in western vocals from the young age of 10 and has got her 8-year degree in rock and pop from the Trinity college of London at the young age of 18.

‘I was sure born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I had to work hard to get where I am today as I chose a totally different path than the one my family walked on’

Her family is no stranger to the limelight. Sakshi is the great granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, billionaire movie & television producer and her mother, Meenakshi Sagar, is a multi-millionaire renowned film and television producer herself.

‘When I began posting pictures on Instagram and started getting excellent brand collaborations people thought this is just a nonsensical passing stage but today, social media influencers are being used to promote top brands on their personal Instagram accounts by the same high level corporates.’
‘I have been totally independent since the age of 21 and paid for my own apartment in LA. That wasn’t because of my family. I worked to get where I am.”

Talking about her parents’ divorce 20 years ago, Sakshi says she never knew that a father was supposed to be a live-in part of the family till she was about 9 years old! It was in school over conversations with friends she realized they have their fathers staying at home with them when she realized her life was different.

‘I didn’t feel like I was missing anything as my parents, though separated, were always good friends and many a times my mother doubled up as my father too.
She’s a very strong woman and as I’m growing older, I respect her more realising how hard being a single parent is’ Sakshi says pensively.

Sakshi Chopra

Looking at Sakshis flamboyant lifestyle one would think she’s a party animal, surrounded by her friends all the time but a little known fact is that she loves alone-time. Enjoys writing her songs and creating her music all by herself. Hard work and passion are what her mother has instilled in her from a very early age.
‘If you love what you do you will do it for the rest of your life. I just love making music & singing’ she says with a gleam in her beautiful big eyes.
Sakshi loves to spend what she earns but her mother is the total opposite of that & always teaches her how to invest and save more.
She loves that she has someone around her who keeps her grounded at all times.

‘I am a hopeless romantic’ Sakshi laughs. ‘I love being in love. When my last relationship ended 4 months ago, I was in pain but moved on gracefully. Time heals all wounds, right?’ She chuckles
‘I’m in a happy place now and rejoiced to be doing what I love the most, creating music’ she signs off humming something from one of her originals and the goosebumps refuse to leave my arms even now.
Wishing Sakshi all the best and looking forward to ride the tide with her in all her new beginnings.


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