The children of Bollywood celebrities are wandering while the organizers of ‘Hum Hain Gully Guys’ are two promising children.


    Hello Mumbai Bollywood Desk :

    Mumbai. Today, where the children of big film stars and celebrities seem to be trapped in a drug case or someone is trapped in a wrong association, two minors Shams Rathod and Jayant Bagda have emerged as the inspiration for the children. At a young age, he became the organizer of both the reality shows ‘Hum Hain Gully Guys Boys and Girls’. These kids from their foundation are determined to do something different and bigger in their lives. Their hard work and dedication towards work is amazing.

    Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been caught by the NCB in a drug case, which is again bringing big disrepute to the industry after the death of Sushant Singh.

    In an interview, Twinkle Khanna, while answering her son’s question, said that those who are born with a silver spoon have a different responsibility. They should help those who don’t even have plastic spoons. Your children should be made attached to the ground and not blinded by the luster of money and let them go in the wrong direction. Such work which lacks humanity and dedication is not appropriate.

    Shams Rathod and Jayant Bagda have proved that they are on the right path and proved their worth at a young age. The concept of this unique show was created by both of them when they attended a fashion show in Goa. If both the children wanted to do this show in front of their parents, then the parents also stood in their support, proud of their children.

    “Hum Hai Gully Guys Boys & Girls”
    All types of artists will get a chance in this Talent Hunt India 2021 upcoming fashion show. Free registration can be done to participate in this. There will be no age limit to participate and there is no take, no retake and no audition. This unique fashion show will include ramp walk, reality show, choreography, photoshoot, make over, grooming.

    Organizer Shams Rathod told that this show will continue for 3 days. So if you are an artist then you register and take advantage of this golden opportunity.
    There will be free registration in this event to be held for 3 days, audition will not be taken. The show will take place in a big resort or five star hotel in Mumbai.

    The show Bigg Boss, which is being anchored by Salman Khan, is decided after 3 months while the finale of Hum Hain Gully Guys will be held in 3 days with grooming.
    This reality show has a different concept in itself where it is happening for the first time that two underage kids are organizing such a fashion show, ramp walk. The confidence that was visible in the words of both the children, Shams and Jayant, seemed to have made a lot of preparations. As talents from across the country participate in this competition, our team will hone their talents, refine them and provide them with a platform to perform.




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