The Dabangg star Sonakshi Sinha Urges the public to pledge to treat animals with love, respect, and compassion.




    The Dabangg star urges the public to pledge to treat animals with love, respect, and compassion.

    MUMBAI — Bollywood superstar Sonakshi Sinha stars in a new Mercy For Animals India ad encouraging people to love and respect animals. The ad’s tagline reads, “Animals deserve love and freedom”. The ad is available here.

    “Animals suffer terrible neglect and abuse”, said Sonakshi. “Just because animals can’t speak for their rights, it is inhuman to deprive them. The only thing animals expect from us is love. Join me in supporting Mercy For Animals India Foundation’s (MFA India) #chooselove campaign, and pledge to treat animals with love, respect, and empathy. That is the least we can and must do as humans.”

    Sonakshi is the second big Bollywood star to join Mercy For Animals India’s bandwagon. Last year, Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham joined MFA India on their fifth anniversary for their ‘Be Nice’ campaign by appearing in a public service ad.

    “Sonakshi has always been an ardent animal lover and supporter of animal rights”, said Nikunj Sharma, chief executive officer of Mercy For Animals India Foundation. As we all enter the new year, we hope that Sonakshi’s message will encourage people to treat animals with love and respect.”

    About Mercy For Animals 

    Mercy For Animals is a leading international nonprofit working to construct a compassionate food system. Active in Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, and the United States, the organization has conducted more than 80 investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses, moved more than 300 food companies to adopt animal welfare policies, and helped pass historic legislation to ban cages for farmed animals.



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