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Tragic, dark and scary; Telly actors remember 26/11 attacks


By Aleem Shaikh

26/11 terror attack changed Mumbai in its own way. Our telly actors tell us what this day means to them and how safe they feel Mumbai is.

Ankit Bathla – 26/11 will always be remembered as a black blot in Mumbai’s history. Whenever I go to the gateway of India, it reminds me of the inhuman massacre of innocent people. However, I think Mumbai police is one of the best institutions in our country and they do try and go all out to protect and serve us. I would still urge the police to keep a check on drinking and driving as it may prove fatal.

Laksh – I have seen the terrorist attack footage on TV and it’s scary. I hail from Delhi and am in Mumbai for my career. I find the city is safe but there is population explosion which can’t be denied. Safety should be tighter in this city.

Arjun Bijlani – Mumbai is a safe city though 26/11 was a nightmare. The security has to be better everywhere. I haven’t faced any problems as such in this city and find it safe. Traffic system is surely a big issue which needs to be addressed.

Romit Raj – Of course, 26/11 is a Black day so to speak, it’s very scary. Looking at terror attacks all over the world, you feel Mumbai has also been a target. But Mumbai is the safest city in India. Hats off to the police and the ATS. I honestly feel our Government is doing a great job and they are giving their best to the citizens.

Sneha Wagh – Mumbai is definitely a safe city to live in. 26/11 was just an unfortunate event which changed our lives forever. The way we Mumbaikars look at terrorism has changed since then. Yes, it’s horrifying to even remember the incident let alone thinking of the people who lost their loved ones and the ones trapped and injured during the attack. My sister works for Trident, Mumbai now and I hear stories from her every now and then about the incident. It makes me shiver sometimes. Honestly, I can’t blame the government or the security system because terrorism has its own way of entering a country and not to forget about people within the country, who are helping terrorism to grow. Mumbai Police is known to be one of the world’s best. For the future, the system can keep a very close watch and be cautious about people entering and leaving the country by all means. Be it airway, waterway or roadways.

Rajniesh Duggal – I remember that day and year so clearly. We were shooting for a film in New Castle and there was news all over and we were getting calls. I started finding the whereabouts of all my close friends and family. I think on a human level that was the worst that could happen to innocent people and families. I don’t feel scared of this. I just feel that is there no humanity and sensitivity to human lives left.

Rohit Bhardwaj: I remember that day clearly. It was a very scary and sad day. So many innocent people lost their lives for jo fault of theirs. It breaks my heart to even think of that day.

Rohit Purohit: I think Mumbai is a safe city. The terrorist attacks can happen anywhere. It is sad, but such attacks have nothing to do with the city. It was such a tragic day. I remember it clearly.

Suhani Dhanki: 26/11 is one of the most heart-wrenching days the city could have ever seen. My heart goes out to all those families who lost their loved ones. I salute the honorable officers who sacrificed their lives protecting our city. I am a resident of South Mumbai and have lived through the fear of losing loved ones who were in the hotel just few hours before the attack. This day proved once again, the need for a drastic improvement in coastal operations, national security and safety for citizens as well as tourists. Mumbai may be a tremendously resilient city but it will never forget the scars of this day, and all the past attacks. However, Mumbai is home to me and the incidents that are brought to light each day, do make us feel vary, yet, I would believe that I’m safest here than anywhere else.


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