WMO India Team’s second visit to Kerala to help Flood Victims ,Gets Overwhelming response


    WMO India Team’s second visit to Kerala to help Flood Victims :
    After the hugely successful visit to Kerala, the WMO (World Memon Organization) conducted a second visit to Kerala to help the flood victims. This time the WMO India Team was   Led by Haji Ehsan Gadawala President /Haji Shabbir Patka General Secretary , Haji Mudassar Patel Life Member, Haji Iqbal Kudia Life Member and others.
    Informing about the Second Visit to Kerala, WMO President, Haji Ehsan told Hello Mumbai, “During our first visit to Kerala we did our best to bring smile on the faces of Kerala flood victim but within our hearts we felt a lot more is necessary to solve the woes of the affected people hence conducted a second visit to Kerala.” He added, “In our second visit we visited many villages near Calicut and then we met Hazrat Sheikh Aboobakar, the most renowned scholar, an incredible and amazing educationist who runs many colleges schools Institute Madrasas which has more than one lakh students studying.
    Mudassar Patel  (Life Member of WMO) told Hello Mumbai, “Our meeting with Hazrat Sheikh Abubaker Saheb was focused on the repairing of House’s and building a new house for Flood victims.”

    Mudassar Patel informed us  , ” Educationalist Shaikh Abubakar Saheb is also coming up with a ‘New Knowledge City’ on a huge plot of 125 acres near Calicut. It will start in 2020. It is an amazing campus for schools and colleges.
    Haji Shabbir patka said, “It was a Great Learning Experience,”, and we came to know how the people are  facing problems after post floods situation. “. All team members
    WMO India Team is active on social media with the message – #ServingMankind #UpliftingKERALA

    – Input and Edited by Mansoor Khan



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