AAKAAR Technical Festival To be Held On March 4 & 5

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    By Aleem Shaikh

    AAKAAR Technical Festival To be Held On March 4 & 5

    Mumbai, February 27, 2017: AAKAAR, the annual technical festival of the department of Civil Engineering in IIT Bombay, is slated to be held on March 4 and 5 this year. AAKAAR lays the foundation for the emerging technological advancements, provides a much-needed lift to ideas and innovations and creates a platform for budding engineers across the country to create, innovate and learn various aspects of civil engineering. In the previous year, AAKAAR witnessed a footfall of 15,000+ students representing their colleges and showcasing their talent. In its 9th edition, AAKAAR is all set to achieve new mileages.

    Symposium: International Civil Engineering Symposium (ICES) is a platform for young and budding researchers of the nation to present their work before the most experienced professors of the country in the respective field of civil engineering.

    Competitions: AAKAAR gives students the opportunity to interact and compete with the brightest minds of the country. The organizing team tries to initiate innovative competitions every year to develop a keen interest among participants for civil structures. Competitions lined up for this year are Bridge-IT, Conquer-IT, and SeismiC. Smart Pitch Competition is a unique competition, which offers a unique opportunity to students to directly get involved in the development and grooming of smart cities.

    Events: AAKAAR also provides students a fine opportunity to try their hands at professional software and get insight from eminent industrialists and academicians. This year’s events include CENEx, workshops, and lectures by:

    • Ashwini Bhide, Managing Director, Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation
    • Mahesh Tandon, Managing Director, Tandon Consultants Pvt. ltd
    • Nilotpol Kar, Business Director, South Asia, BASF India ltd

    The main purpose of the festival is to promote cross-cultural miscellany and provide a joint platform for students of the civil engineering fraternity from all strata of society to interact and assist the flow of knowledge. Various informal events are held to connect the participants with each other and expand their social group.

    For any query, contact:

    Akshay Kumar [email protected]

    Ph. No. 9167851438 www.aakaariitb.in



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