BIG Network 7th Event for Startup and Entrepreneurs in Pune to organise Business Networking On 22nd February, 2023.

    Event Details:



    A Networking Boiler Room Meeting For Entrepreneurs Looking To Connect & Do Business without The Long Term Hassles of Membership.
    Come & Visit The Event with Unbelievable Efforts.
    File picture of Previous event.
    Our last events have seen over 400 Entrepreneurs with about 40 Entrepreneurs and has grossed referrals valued at over 30 Crores exchanged. 40 Unique Categories,
    exchanging Referrals with each other. We attempt to invite new entrepreneurs for every event whose business is scalable and with potential to grow and because
    each event is usually never in the same location giving the advantage to reaching out to new entrepreneurs.
     The BIG Network therefore has
    a. 40 Plus Entrepreneurs
    b. Unique Categories
    c. Scalable Businesses
    d. New Entrepreneurs in every event.
    e. Awards
    f. Education & Learning – Premium Speakers
    g.Business Networking
    h.Startup Opportunity & Fund Offers
    i. Free Gifts
    & More.
    We try to make every event an event that offers HIGH VALUE against participation.
    Each event is customized and presented with a minimum of two hours of networking time and each participant gets two minutes of elevator pitch with lunch
    served post meeting since the event is timed from 10 AM to 3 PM in the afternoon.
    The event is uniquely designed to introduce entrepreneurs to great connect and business deals from within the room and from the network.
    Please feel free to connect with us to participate in the upcoming event at Pune on 22nd February, 2023. Email


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