Janhit Morcha Launches Mission 288, Targets A Political Revolution In Maharashtra

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    Janhit Morcha (JaMo) launches MISSION 288 targets a political revolution in Maharashtra
    To field all 288 candidates in 2019 Vidhan Sabha Elections

    9 April 2018, Mumbai
    Are you one among 40% of Maharashtra’s voters who don’t vote because you are disillusioned with the mainstream parties? If your answer is yes, watch out! …
    Janhit Morcha (JaMo) is out to get you! An alliance of 18 small but committed parties, JaMo aims – in fact, claims – to be a Credible Political Alternative for Maharashtra’s voters.

    Accordingly, JaMo has launched a unique political initiative titled “MISSION 288”. As the name suggests, MISSION 288 is a plan to contest – and win – all 288 seats in the forthcoming 2019 Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha elections. The math for this is: 18 x 16 = 288. What this means is each of the 18 JaMo parties will field 16 candidates, taking the total count to 288. Thus, parties can focus all their energies on just 16 seats. At the
    same time, each candidate can confidently tell voters that if elected, he/she will be part of the ruling coalition.

    JaMo today also unveiled its Election Manifesto, titled “Navratna Maharashtra”. The manifesto has several promises for all-round development of the state – cold-chain for farmers to anna-daan kendras and pucca houses for the poor, abolition of education donations, promotion of solar energy, toll-free Maharashtra, etc.

    In terms of seats, JaMo has already assigned over 150 seats among its member-parties. It is confident of completing seat-sharing for all 288 seats in its next meeting on June 10. Further, in their next media interaction scheduled for June 11, JaMo plans to release its first list of at least 50 candidates. It is targeting to declare all 288 candidates by end-2018. If achieved, this will be unprecedented in India’s political history, that as early as nine months before the scheduled election any political formation has declared all its candidates.

    JaMo party presidents are all enthused about playing a key role in the imminent political revolution in

    • Hindustan Janata Party president, Mr B U Gosawi said, “Our party’s slogan is “We are all one.” This gels very well with Janhit Morcha’s principle of unity in diversity. We are convinced that by joining hands with like-minded parties, we will emerge as a Credible Political Alternative to Maharashtra’s voters, especially the non-voters.”
    • Akhil Bhartiya Janhit Party president, Mr K D Patil said, “Our party is constantly striving for strengthening India’s farm and rural sectors. Formation of Janhit Morcha government will help us make significant progress in our mission.”
    • Bharat Jan Aadhaar Party president, Mr Surender Arora said, “Our party is keen on all-round development of Maharashtra, a vision which we will achieve once we form the Janhit Morcha government in 2019.”
    • Bhartiya Deshbhakt Nagrik Party general secretary, Mr D F Nimbalkar said, “Janhit Morcha is a coming together of deshbhakts (nation-worshippers), who are badly needed to revolutionize India’s politics.”
    • Bhartiya Janhit Congress Party president, Ms Shabana Pandayan said, “Our party’s main focus is two-fold:
      (1) Economic upliftment of the common man, and (2) Women empowerment. These two points are key aspects of Janhit Morcha’s 2019 Manifesto as well.”
    • Jantawadi Congress Party president, Mr Santosh Katke said, “Our party does not believe in politics based on religion and caste, which also happens to be one of the principles of Janhit Morcha. Together, we are confident of strengthening secularism in Maharashtra and also India as a whole.”
    • Lok Dal Maharashtra state president, Mr Ghanshyam Dubey said, “Our party is founded on the ideals of Choudhary Charan Singh. Accordingly, Janhit Morcha government will tirelessly work for the uplift of the farm and rural sectors.”
    • Manav Adhikar Raksha Party president, Mr Vinod Patel said, “We are committed to give the people of Maharashtra a clean government and effective administration. This, in my view, is what a political revolution is all about.”
    • New Rashtriya Samaj Party president, Dr Kashinath Pal said, “One of our party’s key objectives is women empowerment. Thus, Janhit Morcha will present Maharashtra with its first ever woman Chief Minister.”
    • Rashtriya Komi Ekta Party president, Mr Mayur Jadhav said, “Our party strongly believes in national unity and integrity. We are excited by Janhit Morcha’s vision of Navratna Maharashtra which will create a revolutionary political wave across the state.”
    • Rashtriya Lokshahi Party president, Adv Ms Nisrin Shinde said, “Revolutionary thinkers have come under the banner of Janhit Morcha to offer a Credible Political Alternative to the people of Maharashtra. We are sure of getting overwhelming support from voters, as they see a ray of hope for good governance.”
    • Sangharsh Sena president, Mr Harishchandra Patil said, “As our name suggests, we were always fighting for the good of Maharashtra. But we were alone. Now, joining hands with fellow-fighters under Janhit Morcha, we are supremely confident that our goal will be achieved.”
    • Sanman Paksh president, Mr Hiralal Gaikwad said, “Both our party and Janhit Morcha are committed to ensure respect for – and self-respect of – every common citizen of India.”
    • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Party vice-president, Mr Kalpesh Parekh said, “For the last 10 years our party is following the ideals set by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. With Janhit Morcha, we will contribute to the rebuilding of Maharashtra, and also give revolutionary political leaders to the nation.”
    • The Public Welfare Party president, Mr Ravindra Urkude said, “Our party is committed to all-round development of Maharashtra and public welfare, in one word, Janhit! Thus, our Janhit Morcha government will give top priority to socio-economic uplift of the poor.”
      Janhit Morcha convenor, Mr Shrinath Mithanthaya concluded, “JaMo is a unique political experiment to get people with character and competence to enter mainstream politics. Once the pilot project MISSION 288 is successful in Maharashtra, it can be scaled up to MISSION 543 to cover the whole of India. Tongue-firmly-incheek, JaMo may well prove to be the voters’ alternative to NaMo!




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