Karodpati Club and Magic 2 Media Present ,Opportunities Unlimited on February 14th , Speaker R C Jain

    Event Details:


    R C Jain will speak at Opportunities Unlimited on February 14th:

    R C Jain helps you to use the power of your Subconscious mind & The power of Prayer to create magic in your life

    The foundation of our life is based on five simple Principles: Health, The bond that we share with our family, friends that we have and the positivity that they bring in our life, Faith, and the last is Wealth.

    Believe In Yourself
    Human soul is a minute fraction of the Almighty and has within him the unknown potentials, one has to believe in oneself and then no one can stop him from being successful; without that conviction in oneself success will be a long lost goal.

    Conscious Mind And Sub-Conscious Mind
    Conscious mind is the mind we use, the one you use in reading and analyzing this, but unconscious mind is the mind which gets to work when our conscious mind sleeps. Our conscious mind is wavering and unstable on the contrary our sub conscious mind is exceptionally focused. Once information/things get registered in the sub conscious mind even while sleeping our mind keeps on analyzing that information, constantly trying to find a solution to the problem or ways to achieve goals and objectives




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