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    Karodpati Club invites you to ‘Investment Mantra’ by Shailesh Gaikwad Financial Trader and Stock Market Expert

    Karodpati Club invites Shailesh Gaikwad , Expert on Stock Market Investing & Trading, for Opportunities Unlimited, the premium Wealth Creation Knowledge Event

    Expert guidance is a must for Wealth Creation & helps save time & money – Sanjay Madan, Founder, Karodpati Club

    “Investment Mantra”
    By Mr.Shailesh Gaikwad- Financial Trader, Trainer for your wealth creation goals by Investing in Equity also Trading in segments like Future & options, Commodities & Currencies
    Why you should attend?
    To know more about
    -How to select stocks for investments.
    -Best time to invest.
    -How less is more. &
    -It’s all about ROI.
    For more information visit,



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